Monday, May 17, 2010

Time to Plan!!!

Are you finishing up this year and starting to think about what you're teaching next year? Do you already have some idea of how next year will look and are purchasing materials? Are you nowhere near finishing this year and wondering how you will even begin to plan next year? I can help!

Last year, I did a series of webinars for homeschooling families via Homeschool Connections titled Prayerfully Reflecting on Last Year and Prayerfully Planning for Next Year. Those webinars are still available for viewing for FREE!

I believe these webinars were graced by the Holy Spirit and are an excellent way to prepare yourself spiritually for choosing curriculum and making homeschooling plans for each of your children. The best part is you can watch them anytime you wish! So, go check them out.

While you're there, check out the Homeschool Connections course catalogs for junior high and high school classes! These are outstanding Catholic instructors, many of whom I know personally. The classes are interactive and online, and I guarantee your students will benefit from participating. You can even purchase a subscription to view previous courses and have the flexibility for your children to do the lessons at your own pace!

Anyway, here is what I wrote on Heart of a Mother about those webinars and how they came about if you want an explanation before watching. The process is based on the following document, which is extremely helpful even if you don't watch the webinars!

Personal Reflection Survey

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