Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grateful for His Mercy

I needed to read this today, and I was nearly sobbing by the end. Hungry for Salvation?

Slowing Down

Well, as you can see, I went through a burst of posting and now have almost disappeared. I have found that at the end of this 8th month of pregnancy, my brain shuts off somewhere around dinnertime. Preparing early in the day for our evening meal has become more and more of a necessity, in case said neurons hit stop before I have started cooking. Yikes!

Also a necessity has been doing the things that need my brain capacity earlier in the day. After the children are in bed, which is when I usually get to all those little projects and plans on the computer, there is nobody home upstairs, and I simply cannot be intelligent or productive. Therefore, the time in the middle of the day when I usually rest and write has been invaded by things like paying bills and preparing lessons.

Please accept my apologies. From here on out, I am pretty sure my posts will be especially sporadic (although sporadic seems to be my usual mode of blogging). Baby comes out the first week of June, so maybe I'll be posting regularly again by...what do you think?...Christmas? LOL! Of course, nothing complicates our lives like a potential big move at the end of the summer, so maybe Christmas is too optimistic!

Anyway, I'm still here, and I'll post when I can. I have so much I want to share with you circling in my brain! Stick with me. Sign up for email alerts or add me to your reader if you aren't a subscriber already.

God bless!