Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to Listen to God's Voice

How did I never notice this before? I was an English teacher. I am a lover of language! Hello?!

Yesterday, our pastor was reminding us how important it is to listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd. He shared profoundly on how we will only be able to fully recognize His voice the more we listen to Him.

He gave the illustration that when his mother calls him on the phone, without looking at the caller ID, within milliseconds he knows it is her and how she is feeling or why she is calling. He has spent years with her in such an intimate relationship that he now knows the heart of his mother through the sound of her voice!

So, too, must we talk to God often in order to know His voice and understand what He wants us to hear. Most specifically, Father reminded us that we must listen to God's voice, and to do that requires silence. Yes, we have to find time to be quiet.

And, here was the profundity in language - take the letters in the word listen, rearrange them, and you get the word silent. I never saw that before yesterday, and I am in awe.

Father went on to remind us that this applies in all of our relationships, with our children, parents, friends, bosses, etc... In order to truly listen to another, we must be quiet. Since I have been reflecting this year on silence, I was especially touched by applying this both anew in my prayer life and with my children.

To listen requires silence. They are made of the same stuff, literally! How cool is that?!