Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Moments for Moms - Focus on Him

It is Holy Week. What a gift the Church gives us in designating this week to reflect on the Passion of the Lord! Regardless of how faithfully or unfaithfully we have kept our Lenten observances, we have this sacred week to more intently focus our gaze on Jesus.

I was blessed to attend a very enjoyable, relaxed homeschool convention this past Saturday, and the keynote speaker gave wise advice on maximizing your family's potential. It was simply to keep your focal point on God at all times. This week is the perfect opportunity to ensure we are looking to Him for everything.

She used the metaphor of a dancer doing turns who selects a point to spot while spinning across the floor. The goal of a dance turn is to keep your eyes on that one spot as long as possible until you must turn your head and then snap your head back around to focus on it again as fast as you can. This keeps the dancer from becoming dizzy, losing his/her balance, and possibly falling.

It is the same in our families. Despite the distractions of daily life, we must constantly remind ourselves to turn back to Him. When we feel frazzled or dizzy, we must turn back to God. He will help us keep our balance in our busy lives, so we do not fall as often.

Holy Week is a beautiful time to eliminate distractions and keep our focus on God. Hopefully, we all have a way to simplify our daily lives and focus more regularly on Him. This might include more frequent stops in your day for prayer and/or finding easy activities to remember daily what this week means.

One of my favorite readings for this week is in Max Lucado's book, And the Angels Were Silent: Walking with Christ Toward the Cross. Chapter 21 is called "He Chose You...," and it brings me to tears every Holy Week. You can read the whole chapter here on Google Books!
Below, I leave you with a reminder of Who we should see everywhere we look this week, in our children, in our husbands, in strangers, in friends...and the only homeschool lesson we need to teach our children this Holiest Week. Watch the Lamb.