Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Want a Swagger Wagon!

I have never wanted a minivan so much in my life! This is almost contraction-inducing hysterical!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mary IS Everywhere!

I shared with some friends this afternoon something beautiful my children and I have been doing for the past two years and have started again this year to honor Mary in the month of May. It is called Mary Around the World and was compiled by The Bookworm, a Catholic homeschooling mother in Bedfordshire, England.

I posted about this previously but wanted to put in another description of this woman's lovely idea! "For Mary's month of May, [she has posted] a series of "Our Lady Around the World" posts, taking one image and title of Our Lady daily, each from a different country."

Two years ago, when she did this, I printed out each blog post and put them in a binder. So, each day as we start our schooling with our Morning Basket, we take time to read about an image of Mary, say a prayer to her, and find the country on our world map.

This takes less than five minutes, usually, but has been an inspiring way to remember Our Lady, learn more about her love for us, and throw in a little geography, too! One year we even put small blue dots on each location, and by the end of May it was truly amazing to see how Mary is everywhere, watching over her children.

So, I recommend you head over to these posts (of course, they're in reverse date order) and check them out for yourself. You might want to print out each post, or you could simply visit the blog each day as you share with your children Our Lady's caring presence.