Thursday, April 30, 2009

Marian Geography for May

Sorry to only be posting this now, but it was one of those things that I kept remembering and then forgetting again. Obviously, I never wrote down that I wanted to share it with you, which is why it did not "really" exist in my brain! But, at the risk of causing some of you anxiety about starting something tomorrow (you can always catch up), here we go!

Last May, my daughter and I followed The Bookworm on her Marian World Tour. Essentially, this ingenious tour takes one Marian image and title for each day of the month of May and provides background, resources, ideas, and pictures. Each Marian title is from a different country, resulting in a beautiful Marian geography unit!

We kept it simple, since Therese was only five at the time. I printed each day's blog entry in color and put them in a binder (which I still have). Then, we wrote out the titles of Mary on tiny stickers and put them on our world map on the schoolroom wall. All we did was read the blog entry, say a quick prayer for Our Lady's intercession, and put the sticker on the map. It was a beautiful time. I learned about Marian titles that I had not previously known, and it kept our focus on honoring Our Blessed Mother during her month of May!

This year, I think we will do basically the same format. I am going to focus on identifying the continent where the country is found this year, and we might refer to our atlases and almanacs for additional information on the country, perhaps to determine a specific intention we can offer for the country to Our Lady.

Go see Mary Around the World (Marian World Tour) and see how you can fit it in to your May days.

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