Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tim Tebow's Fire!

Sorry for the goofy way videos are embedding here. I'll figure it out eventually!

But I just cannot get over this...

"British musician John Parr re-recorded his smash-hit "St. Elmo's Fire," to pay homage to the young star."

What a blessing to have such a role model for our boys!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If You Love Books Like Me...

not only will you enjoy this video, you will envy the creator who spent hours upon hours making it happen!

HT Marcel

But, of course, I completely agree with Jennifer and cannot wait to finally get a Kindle (basic version)!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Only Three Came...But They Came

Our homily at Mass yesterday, Feast of the Epiphany, was wonderful! Father kept reminding us that only three wise men saw the star and had enough wisdom and prudence to follow it to Bethlehem. Surely others saw the star in the sky, but only these three had enough perseverance to figure out what it meant. They were THE three wise men! Well, not quite.

As Marcel points out, actually following the star led them to evil Herod. They were experts in astrology, which today has evolved into horoscopes and other maladies. It was only when the scribes recited Scripture that the wise men knew they were to go to Bethlehem to find the newborn king!

And, Matt hysterically reminds us that their visit to evil Herod actually caused the massacre of the Holy Innocents, and it took an angel's visit for them not to go back and report on the newborn king's exact location. Their wisdom was clearly in heeding the angel's caution.

But seriously, we honor these men, for one simple act. They bowed down and worshipped the Baby Jesus. They did not entirely understand who He was or what He was going to do, but they recognized His royalty. It is a daily reminder to us to bow down and worship, to submit ourselves to the authority of Christ the King, even when we are completely bewildered by Him and/or His plans for our lives.

Do you have the wisdom to spend 10 minutes a day with Jesus?