Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dearest Texas,

I love you. I really, really do! For five years, I suffered Michigan winters and then the foreign land of Miami, always pining to move back to my home, sweet, home. The joy I have had since moving back and finding kindred spirits, friendly neighbors, and a new connection for my children with their grandparents is incomparable. My heart has been glorying in the ambitious plans my husband and I have concocted to finally buy land (at least 10 acres) and create a home for our children with space, privacy, safety, and above all lots of nature! BUT...

We have never been as sick as we have been this winter. Among the five of us, we have had: migraines, several cold viruses, a sinus infection, the stomach flu, random coughs, an ear infection, croup, and most recently, the common flu, culminating with another bout of gastroenteritis. Please stop the madness!

I realize this has been a hard winter for many families, partly due to the incredible cold weather across the country, but we are generally very healthy people. I think we get maybe one or two cold viruses each winter. This season has really made it difficult for me to stay on top of anything at all.

So, pretty, please! Out with the germs! In with the bluebonnets already!

A Devoted Fan