Monday, May 17, 2010

Home Sweet Texas

Well, even if I had any intention of writing anything more on this blog this summer after our baby boy is born, that notion has now gone out the window. At the end of the summer, we're moving home to Texas! For privacy reasons, I won't say where in Texas, but we are very excited to be moving back.

Texas is home. Texas is special. Texas is unique! We're heading back to grandparents (both sets), godparents (two sets), Uncle J, bluebonnets, Shiner Bock beer, Blue Bell ice cream, Aggies, wide open spaces, cheap housing, cowboy boots, where both our children were born, where we met and married, friendly strangers, true BBQ, sweet tea, country music, two-stepping, rodeos, big hair & mascara, cattle, rednecks, and SO much more!!!

Talk to you in the fall, I hope!

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becomewhatyouare said...

Oooooh! Welcome home!!!!

Yee-Haw, Texas!!! We're glad to have you back (wherever back means!)