Friday, June 19, 2009

Please come see me online in July!

It is official! Yikes! In early July, I am presenting two free webinars through Homeschool Connections! Go here to register now! Invite lots of friends to join us! And, please begin praying immediately that these sessions lead mothers to a more deeply Christ-centered homeschooling way of life.

When I first posted here at Heart of a Mother about our homeschooling group's very successful Day of Reflection for Homeschooling Mothers, I was contacted by Maureen Wittmann, co-owner of Homeschool Connections and Catholic homeschooling mother and author, asking if I might be interested in presenting a webinar on this topic. (It helped that I knew the other owner, Walter Crawford, from college.) It took us about a month to discern this use of my time, see if my computer could handle the technology, finalize the topic, and choose dates (one webinar somehow became a two-part series!), but we are finally ready to roll these out.

Both sessions will include my live presentation and a simultaneous group discussion through live chat. All you need is a computer with Internet connection (I'm the only one who needs a webcam and headset). And, if you miss it (or don't get in because space is limited), the recording is also free, usually posted within a few days of the webinar. Check out their awesome, amazing previously recorded webinars free! The topics range from homeschool organization to family relationships to living books.

During these webinars, using the process our local group began with our Day of Reflection, we will focus on ensuring God is at the center of all of our homeschooling choices and planning, prayerfully evaluating last year and getting ready for next year. Here are the detailed descriptions for official publication...

Prayerfully Reflecting on Last Year ~ Tuesday, July 7, 2009, 8:30-10:00PM Eastern

Here is a chance to really step back from the busy-ness of family life and pause to reflect on the previous academic year's highs and lows. The focus will be to take some time to ponder our personal spiritual growth and our successes and challenges from the past year of homeschooling with a goal to prayerfully discern what, if anything, needs to change for next year. Participants will be provided with a thorough self-evaluation survey at the close of the webinar to complete on their own time, which has been an inspiring process for all who have done it, so far! This webinar is part one of a two part series, continuing with Prayerfully Planning for Next Year on July 15, but one can be attended without the other, if desired.

Prayerfully Preparing for Next Year ~ Tuesday, July 14, 2009, 8:30-10:00PM Eastern

Regardless of what stage of planning for next year moms have completed, this will be an opportunity to consider our plans in light of God's will through prayerful discernment. Having evaluated the previous academic year in the webinar Prayerfully Reflecting on Last Year on July 7, our goals for this discussion will be asking the Lord for guidance in choosing materials and preparing lessons for next year and setting some goals for ourselves, our family, and each individual child that truly reflect our priorities. This webinar is part two of a two part series but one can be attended without the other, if desired.

So, please come sign up! I will feel less anxious if I have some familiar names on the list, and I would absolutely love to virtually meet so many of my readers whom I do not yet know personally. Thank you for supporting this great company, trying to bring excellent information to homeschooling mothers AT HOME! If you have not yet attended one of their previous webinars, you will soon learn what a blessing it is to have your own homeschooling conference online at anytime!

And, last but not least, please pray for me as I prepare for these. I am extremely humbled to be included in a list of such presenters as John Jansen, Maureen Wittman, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Alicia Van Hecke, Michele Quigley, Kris Correira, Dr. Mary Kay Clark, Deacon Gene McGuirk, Danielle Bean, and others. Okay, seriously, putting my name in with these people is ridiculous! They have SO much more experience and talent than me! But, since I am a firm believer in sharing what I have been blessed to receive, I guess I have to step out in faith on this and trust the Holy Spirit to do the rest. Thank you for your Hail Marys on my behalf!


Mimi said...

I am so happy for you!!! This is awesome and whoever reads this comment, the whole day of Reflection is amazing... check it out!

antonina31 said...

Thanks, Friend!