Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Midyear Reflection - Day 5

Several of us are taking a brief journey here in January to prayerfully reflect on our homeschooling thus far this academic year in hopes of tweaking and improving the rest of the school year. Each weekday I am posting a few questions from this survey for us each to take to prayer and into our hearts throughout that day. By the end of January, we should all have successfully evaluated the State of Our Homeschools and begin implementing whatever changes we are inspired to make.

I encourage you to make comments below about the answers you feel comfortable sharing with others, so we can lift each other up as the Body of Christ and be vessels of inspiration via the Holy Spirit.

Today's two questions from the section on Struggles are very specific. Both pretty much boil down to evaluating how Mom is doing as a teacher.

6. What struggles am I having in creating effective lesson plans and planning my daily/weekly schedule this year?

7. What subject areas are not going well or are we not enjoying this year?

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antonina31 said...

All my lesson plan struggles ended this year when I stopped planning during my first trimester. I have a rough outline of what we need to cover each week and just fill the workfolders the night before (usually). My struggles in this area lie in being consistent with my schedule and even those rough plans.

There are days we don't start until ten or eleven. Sometimes we get all of our work done; often we do not. I also resist vehemently planning any housework time. It gets done when it gets done, which is almost never.

As for subject areas, my daughter still strongly dislikes math and copywork no matter what approach I use. She also, oddly, has started protesting her catechism lessons from the textbook. The theme I am seeing is that she is expected to do much of this work on her own. Perhaps that is the real issue, not having mom read to her or walk her through step by step. Hmmm...
So, how to teach some independence and still encourage a love of learning?!