Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Midyear Reflection - Day 4

Several of us are taking a brief journey here in January to prayerfully reflect on our homeschooling thus far this academic year in hopes of tweaking and improving the rest of the school year. Each weekday I am posting a few questions from this survey for us each to take to prayer and into our hearts throughout that day. By the end of January, we should all have successfully evaluated the State of Our Homeschools and begin implementing whatever changes we are inspired to make.

I encourage you to make comments below about the answers you feel comfortable sharing with others, so we can lift each other up as the Body of Christ and be vessels of inspiration via the Holy Spirit.

Today's first question from the section on Struggles might be humbling to answer but is pretty straightforward. Make a list, keeping it to one struggle you are having with each child.

5. What is the single biggest struggle I face with each child this school year? (try to put something for each child)

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antonina31 said...

This question forces us to bare our lives, in a way. My struggles are to keep my daughter doing her best work without math & copywork tantrums and to keep my son occupied productively without working him so hard he dislikes schoolwork. Anybody else want to share?