Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Child Is to Be Born!

For most of my life, my relationship with God has centered on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and personal experiences of the Holy Spirit. Lately, I have been led to a greater understanding of God the Father and now, as we approach Christmas, of the Christ Child.

My son gave me a hug this morning and nearly knocked me down with affection. Did Jesus hug Mary this way? I think, he did.

Both of my children know the best way to get my attention when I am busy is to say, "Mom," wait until I look at them and say, "I love you." How often did Jesus say this to Mary and did her heart melt as mine does each time? I think, very often and yes.

My daughter, after eating two portions of dinner last night, being told there was no dessert that day, and being asked if she had room for any more food, said, "I think there is room for, not a chocolate coin, but something the size of a chocolate coin." Was the child Jesus's sense of humor that adorable? I think, absolutely.

Today, when you look at your children, picture the Christ Child. The Master of All Creation came to redeem us as a tiny baby, a small child, a growing boy, and a young man before He spent three short years as a man teaching and preaching. In this simplicity and humility, He showed us His love.

Prepare your hearts. Make room. A Child is to be born!

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