Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lovers of Details, Read On... Day of Reflection Schedule

Below is the schedule we followed for the Day of Reflection for Homeschooling Mothers. The mothers were expected to come to the day already having completed their Personal Reflection Survey. Only the committee members had the schedule, so we added some reminder notes throughout to guide us through the day. In a future post, I will explain in detail what happened that day and elaborate on the notes below.

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Day of Reflection Schedule
12:30-5:30PM (on a Sunday)

To bring: drinks, paper goods, snacks, paper, pens, nametags, note cards, extra chairs, items to decorate prayer table

Participants: A committee member has contacted each mother individually at least one week before the meeting to ensure they complete the survey before the day and to answer their questions.

Leaders: All committee members will participate in assisting the committee members assigned to each discussion (as they are able with nursing babies); a leader without a nursing baby is assigned to each activity to keep things moving.

Goals for discussions: Keep it all positive, avoid repetition and belaboring the same point too long, ensure no one person monopolizes the conversation (including committee members).

Distribute nametags and notecards as mothers arrive.

1:00PM Opening prayer

1:05PM Introductions: Only say name, ages of children, and philosophy/curriculum approach.

1:15PM Review purpose of today: Share idea behind Personal Reflection & Self-Evaluation Survey. Explain that the day is about you reflecting in your heart and mind about your homeschooling and giving it all to the Lord. Everyone is in a different situation and has different needs, so some things might apply directly to you and some might not. We will not solve all of your problems today; only God can do that!

1:20PM Notecards: Write down biggest struggle, biggest blessing, and biggest question on colored note cards and turn them in to share later, names optional.

1:30PM Testimony on how personal spirituality affects our homeschool: During this, committee members sort note cards and prioritize based on repetition and appropriateness for group discussions.

1:50PM Big Rocks/Little Rocks Demonstration

2:00PM Share about personal spirituality in small groups: Divide into four small groups with one committee member in each group. Count off to divide randomly.

2:20PM Break (return to large group)

2:25PM Silent personal prayer: Everyone will be encouraged to silently listen to the Lord and ask Him for what they need this day. Begin with quick one-sentence spontaneous prayer.

2:35PM Discussion on “the biggest struggle”: Present guidelines for sharing – must be positive, share ideas to avoid or overcome the struggle, what worked for me, etc… (NO commiserating!). Read one card at a time and discuss for a maximum of five minutes each.

3:15PM Prayers of petition: Each mother shares out loud one petition, going around in the circle. All respond “Lord, have mercy” to each one.

3:25PM Break

3:30PM Discussion on “the biggest blessing”: Present guidelines for sharing – must be positive, share similar blessings and success stories, elaborate on ways to work toward such successes, etc…. Read one card at a time and discuss for a maximum of five minutes each.

4:00PM Prayers of praise: Each mother shares out loud one praise, going around in the circle. All respond “Blessed be God, forever” to each one.

4:10PM Break

4:15PM Discussion on “questions”: Present guidelines for sharing – must be positive, share suggested answers, recognizing one there is no one-size-fits-all solution, help with resources, etc…. Read one card at a time and discuss for a maximum of five minutes each.

4:55PM Closing prayer

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