Thursday, July 28, 2016

I Don't Have the [blank] to Start a Moms' Group

Excuses! I know you have them! You do not have time to do this. You do not know how to do this. You are not the right person to do this. A few days ago, I tried to convince you how important moms' groups are, especially for homeschooling moms. But if you need more convincing that YOU should be the one to get the ball rolling, listen carefully, and come back tomorrow for the 3 easy steps to make it happen!

1. Somebody has to do it. Really. We can all agree that moms need to get together and that we need each other, but unless we make the time and give the little bit of effort needed, it simply will not happen. We all have too much on our schedules for gatherings to happen magically or spontaneously. If we all act as if it is someone else's job, those moms who always do the leading will get burned out or it just won't happen.

2. It is an act of service to start a group. Many of us wish we could volunteer at our churches or soup kitchens and food pantries, but our primary vocation of mothers of small children often does not allow us the flexibility to do that. Being the one to pull moms together is a way for you to serve your neighbor and demonstrate to your children that it is important to always be a giver, not only a taker. (They do not see your service to them in the same way, although it IS service, of course!)

3. You will benefit personally. I always maintain that I host moms' groups, because I am selfish. When I am able to set the time, date, location, and format, I can choose what I know will benefit me rather than try to fit into someone else's plan. If there is a group near you that works for your family, be a supporter, but if not, even if there is a group right next door that does not fit your needs, start your own! My husband is grateful I lead these gatherings, because he sees a happier me after each one!

4. Starting a group is easier than you think. It does not have to be some formal, pre-set group. Just start getting moms together (I will tell you how tomorrow) and do not stop. A one time gathering is great, but for everyone to benefit the most, building relationship and community, you need to keep meeting. But all it takes is three things to start. It is not rocket science!

You, yes YOU, really need to prayerfully consider inviting some moms to meet. Be sure you have your husband's support and go for it! I bet you will find that as soon as you start, you will have more than enough support and additional help to keep it going.

What's your excuse for not attending and/or starting a moms' group in your area?

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