Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why Do You Homeschool?

One of the things I turn back to this time of year, during the typical February homeschooling burnout month, is a list I made years ago of the many reasons why we decided to homeschool. A wise, seasoned homeschooling mother advised me to make a list early in homeschooling, so I could refer to it when things got tough. That sheet of paper is still in the front of my planning binder, so before I flip through all the ideas in that binder on changing curricula or rescheduling our days, I can remind myself of the big picture goals.

I highly recommend all homeschoolers make a similar list. It can be short or long (I tend to be wordy) but ideally should have input from your husband. While I still agree with everything on my original list, it definitely needs revising to reflect what I have learned about homeschooling, so far, so I will probably work on that over the upcoming planning season and try to remember to share my revisions with you.

This list can benefit you in formulating that awkward answer when the relative or neighbor alarmingly demands: "Homeschooling? Why would you do such a thing?!" In fact, on the back of my list, I have handwritten the following succinct sentence, which I wrote to try to answer the above question. It's certainly lacking in some ways, but it's a start!
We are able to put God first and family next above all other things by educating our children at home while striving to raise faithful Catholics and moral, responsible, respectful citizens.
Below, I have posted my original list and another I found that was probably sent to me by a friend, but do not copy my list! Make your own. Keep it close and update it, as needed. This is a great way to avoid giving up for the wrong reasons!

Our Original List:

A Friend's List:

What would be on your list that's missing from above?!

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