Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week in My Life - In I-don't-own-a-real-camera Pics

My day in lousy (but fun?) iPhone photos:

First Breakfast for the little boys, usually leftovers

My big kids fold their own laundry, but today I feel like giving them a gift.

I am invited to a private Mass.

Youngest altar server ever

Today I allow recess before school, and some sort of army game ensues.

It's 50 degrees outside? Why, yes, we can have hot chocolate!

I get distracted and come back to find them looking through their baby books.

My sweet baby with his thumb

The washer and dryer boxes are reaching the end.
The four-year-old takes some photos while we do our lessons.

And, he takes this entirely unflattering video clip.

Homeschool Connections Unlimited Access class

Play-d'oh class

I love his awkward position!

We decide to head to Costco late in the day.

But I notice a box on the porch before we leave!

The quintessential American/Costco/Texas excess only $189.99

Bubble bath time

My beautiful helper

My late dinner - BBQ Coleslaw sandwich from Costco & Cheer!

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Bless Your Heart!

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