Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pope Benedict on Teachers

As you know, the task of a teacher is not simply to impart information or to provide training in skills intended to deliver some economic benefit to society; education is not and must never be considered as purely utilitarian. It is about forming the human person, equipping him or her to live life to the full – in short it is about imparting wisdom. And true wisdom is inseparable from knowledge of the Creator, for 'both we and our words are in His hand, as are all understanding and skill in crafts' (Wis 7:16). ~ Pope Benedict XVI

As I'm struggling this third week of our homeschool with seeking the right balance of checklists and rabbit trails, I found this gem again. And I remember how difficult the simplicity of it all is. Schooling is not the point. Life is the point, a life lived with the intimate knowledge of how great our God is and how much He loves each one of us with an unstoppable, unrelenting, uncompromising love. This is what my children need to learn. This is what I need to learn.

Bless Your Heart!

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