Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Share a Prayer

I have started three different posts today, but my brain is too foggy to make much sense. Instead, I thought I would think outside of myself and ask for your prayers for the retreaters of Aggie Awakening #100 this coming weekend and the former retreaters and staffers who will be a part of the Aggie Awakening Reunion Weekend. I know there are only a few readers here these days, but every prayer means volumes to me and to God.

Aggie Awakening is a retreat that takes place three times a year for college students and is run by the students of St. Mary's Catholic Center at Texas A&M University. St. Mary's changed me into who I am today. At the end of my first semester at A&M, thanks to the amazing ministry there, I stepped away from the cradle Catholicism I had known and into the more challenging waters of a daily call to holiness. The Aggie Awakening retreat, quite truly, changed my life, building my leadership skills, forming my prayer life, and ultimately, leading me to my husband.

So, as you go about your weekend plans, please say a prayer for the 100 college students who are attending the retreat for the first time and are experiencing a dramatic wake up call to faith, as well as the thousands of families attending the reunion to bolster their spiritual lives and reconnect with old prayer partners. Thank you!

And, if you know nothing about St. Mary's, you can check out their amazing new promotional video. I truly hope my children are able to experience Truth and Light at St. Mary's...

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megan said...

Great post! I will be praying for the retreatants this weekend!