Friday, January 6, 2012

Women of Inspiration

Today was our monthly Catholic homeschooling group's First Friday Mass and lunch. I was completely overcome in Mass this morning by being surrounded by such awesome women and their families! Truly, it was humbling and inspiring to look from face to face and see the faith and devotion these ladies have. In my experience, Catholic homeschooling mothers are some of the most beautiful images of God I have ever seen.

While I know personally only about half of the families there, I know I could ask any one of them to pray for me or help me in some need, and they would provide in abundance. I know that they are all watching out for my children in the lunch hall and on the playground when my two eyes cannot catch all three little ones, because every one of them treasures every child as a miraculous gift from God. I know these women are the friends who will pray me to holiness, as we walk together in this vocation, teaching our children and leading them to Him.

And, amazingly, whether a large group or a small group, I have found such women in all three states in which we have homeschooled (Michigan, Florida, and Texas). The Body of Christ surrounds us, and to be together with like minded women who have similar days and nights helps me walk this walk better than anything I can do with my own power. With them and trust in God, I am confident I can not only survive this lifestyle but thrive amidst the gifts that are my children and the opportunity to teach them at home.

So, ladies, near and far, thank you for walking with me. Thank you for surrounding me with joy and love and peace and faith. Just your presence is enough to lift me up, whether I need lifting or not!

Do you know the women of whom I speak? Where can you find them in your town?


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