Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saint Catherine, Pray for Us

I cannot count the number of friends who have shared their sorrowful miscarriages with me over the past week. It was truly shocking. This prayer is for all of us (thanks to a dear friend who gave it to me) and speaks almost perfectly for me. Miscarriage can be a silent suffering, but it should not be. A baby died, and the pain will stay with us forever. We mourn, but we are not alone.

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Dear Saint Catherine, patron of those who have suffered a miscarriage, you know the dangers that await unborn infants.

Please intercede for me that I may receive healing from the loss I have suffered. My soul has been deprived of peace and I have forgotten what true happiness is. As I mourn the loss of my child, I place myself in the hands of God and ask for strength to accept His will in all things, for consolation in my grief, and for peace in my sorrow.

Glorious Saint Catherine, hear my prayers and ask that God, in good time, grant me a healthy baby who will become a true child of God.



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