Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear My Sons & Daughter,

I want to tell you something important. You are a child of God. You are really not all mine. I love you oodles and caboodles, but He loves you infinitely more. And, His love is perfect. It will never, ever fail you. Mine is imperfect, and I fail you daily. But, that is what God has created - the imperfect trying to lead the imperfect to His perfection.

All of your lives you will seek a greater union with God. Sometimes you will be consciously aware of this desire, but sometimes it will be an empty ache for which you cannot identify the cause. The search never ends. Each day is a new beginning. The Christian life is entirely about perseverance. We sin daily, but we pick ourselves back up, dust off our clothes, and begin again. You and I are blessed to run this race together and help each other up when we fall. We seek the same eternal reward of His ultimate love.

Never stop desiring God. If your heart feels cold or dry, ask Him to light it with His fire. For we face daily struggles and overcome some of them through diligence and virtue, but God is the one who changes hearts. It is our job to simply allow Him to be present to us, always giving Him opportunities to shower His graces upon us, not attempting to endure on our own strength.

As I sit here in the early morning darkness, I offer prayers for you. I ask God to bless your lives, to guide you gently towards Himself (more gently than He has and is guiding me, if possible). You belong to Him, not to me. You were His child long before you were mine, conceived in the mind of a generous God before being conceived in my womb. He has simply honored me by allowing me to be a vessel of His love for you. I pray you daily see His love despite my weak will.

Love and prayers,
Your Mom


Erin said...

OH MY! I cried. This is so beautiful and the exact thing that has been on my heart for quite some time now, but I couldn't articulate the words as eloquently as you have. I know you wrote it, but would you if I copied it. I have been struck lately by a profound sense of my children's salvation and how I can attempt to lay a solid foundation, but ultimately they will have to embrace their faith, their own salvation journey. Your letter expresses everything I've said and felt in the depths of my soul that I pray my children will understand in the depths of their souls. Thank you.

PS. my name is Erin and I found your blog through Elizabeth.

antonina31 said...

I am thrilled you found my words touching and can identify with them so closely. Moments like this are why I write here. Thank you so much for your comment! As to your request to use my words, I would need to know if this would be for your personal use or to re-publish to respond appropriately. You can comment again or email me at antonina 31 at g mail dot com. God bless!