Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let Them In

When I wrote this post a bit ago, I expected some people to fuss at me, either silently to themselves or "out loud" in the comment box. Maybe you did. How could I be so exclusive? How could I not welcome anyone God puts in my path?

Elizabeth shares how important it truly is to share with others as inspired by the Holy Spirit, because this can lead to deeper faith. These are not the kind of encounters to which I meant to refer. When I meet someone new or when I happen to encounter someone in my daily life, I do try to reach out to them for that moment. I cannot stress how important this is, because we cannot turn away when the Jesus in Others needs us!

My post was specifically intended to explain how I feel about my closest friendships, the ones I devote time and effort to nourishing. And, I felt like maybe I needed to clarify that one more time. Please do not turn away from those who need you today. Okay, now I feel better.

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Mallory said...

Interestingly, the post you're referring to I had read twice, and wrote a comment once without posting. Since you're bringing the subject up again, I think I'll give commenting a second try ;-) .

I felt a little "snubbed" initially from your post. I only have a small handful of friends myself, and through no fault of their own, none of them are in the same state of life as me, which means that they wouldn't meet your requirements for close friendships. These are friends who have stood the test of time, however, and God has led these beautiful women down completely different paths which at times are unrelated to my own. And, even though the opportunities are infrequent, I DO make an effort to visit with them without my husband or children.

As far as new friendships go, after much reflection, I have to confess that I am just cautious as you are. Some of my newest friendships of Catholic, homeschooling mothers are nurtured only through technology, as so many of my friends live across the country. I hope for more, both for my benefit and to provide playmates for my children, but again, I'm picky.

After letting it sit for quite some time, I agree with nearly everything you wrote. The only contradiction I have is that women, through Church history, have been encouraged and supported in a beautiful way by other women. During this stage of life (with young children) having time to nurture friendships is nearly non-existent, but I absolutely believe it has great value. Those few and far between coffee dates can do wonders for a weary mother's attitude, and my hope would be that our husbands and children can "let mom go" at times in order for such relationships to build.