Monday, April 12, 2010

Moments for Moms --- Begin Again

The joy of Easter is still with us, but reality sinks in. The children are cranky from too much sugary treats and lack of routine over the last two weeks. Mom is realizing just why she always schools almost full-time through the summer (except this year) as the calendar reveals how little time we have to get done so much. It's raining, and all the children keep begging to do is play outside. Sigh!

Anyone feeling overwhelmed on this Monday? Me, too.

I could try to encourage you to keep plugging away (but I'm tired). I could tell you that it will be better tomorrow (but it might be worse). I could remind you that each of us was put in this place at this time by God, and that He has a reason for the character-building days you face.

Instead, I'll share some inspiration from other blogging mamas who have much more wisdom and experience in these trying times than I do. Although, I have written on this topic before.

1. The path is narrow. Allison posted about this list last month, and I SO appreciated her positive spin on it. If we are truly working towards our sanctification, it is going to be hard work.

2. Of course,
Ann never ceases to amaze me with her simple, poetic honesty. All we must do is the very next thing...for Him.

Elizabeth's thoughts are truly priceless both on her blog and in her book. Namely, "The soul is healed by being with children," wrote Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Stay away from that which discourages and surround yourself with encouragement.

Karen reminds me to choose one or two things that will ensure a smoother day tomorrow. I am soon off to make a very short list!

5. Finding balance requires sacrifice and hard stops. Only prayer can make this possible. Thanks for reminding me, Jennifer!

And so, I will begin again, immediately, to serve God in this vocation He has most definitely chosen for me! His mercies may be new each morning, but I'm claiming them right now!

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