Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prayerfully Planning Day 2 ~ Results

Okay! I am making progress. The goals have been written for each child and myself. The Rule has been drafted (but still missing the nitty-gritty details). That is what I had hoped to accomplish last night, so hooray! Here are some of my goals...

  • I pray that our daily lives are full of joy and gentleness, peace and beauty.

  • I pray that our family develops a rhythm of prayer throughout each day.

  • I pray that our children develop the virtue of obedience and the habit of attention.

  • I pray that I can be consistent with my routines of prayer, housework, and homeschooling.

  • I pray that I can lead my children to greater knowledge and love of God.

  • I pray that we continue to enjoy our family's love of learning and books.

I have a few more specific goals for both behavior and academics for each child, as well, of course.

Next, it is time to create my notebook and draft our lesson schedule. I had to get groceries this morning, and I have a commitment tonight. So, this will be my afternoon project, but I might not post about it until tomorrow...

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