Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pray...Process...Prepare...and Pray!

My two-part webinar series is now completed, and what a joy it was to share time and thoughts with such amazing homeschooling mothers! Prayerfully Reflecting on Last Year is already posted if you care to watch all or part of the discussion (you can watch at any time), and Prayerfully Planning for Next Year should be posted soon!

I think I am hooked on the webinar thing, as I am planning to co-lead a book/Bible study for homeschooling mothers via this technology in the fall and possibly teach some junior high writing and/or literature courses! Can you imagine enjoying the fellowship and wisdom of other homeschooling mothers on a regular basis in the privacy of your own home?! Watch this space for more details on that.

But, the main reason I am posting this morning is to share a quote with you that sums up the method presented in both of my webinars. Yesterday, Ann at A Holy Experience shared her husband's wisdom in a typically beautiful post, and I was inspired to share it last night on the webinar and today with you. This is a quote to post in your planner!

In response to this question:

“So how did you guys do the impossible? How did you make the moving of a four ton bin a ten minute job?”

Farmer Husband replied:

"Pray, process all the steps through in your mind, and prepare.... and don't stop praying.”

A true way of accomplishing any task efficiently and successfully!

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