Thursday, July 9, 2009


I believe books say a lot about a person. Those on the bookshelves often represent hopes and interests. When I go to someone's home for the first time, I often scan the shelves. Some wonderful conversation starters can be found there. The books one is currently reading usually tell what they do on a daily basis and often their mood or mindset. Even the number of books can tell you a lot - what do you think my stack below tells you about me?

I changed my profile picture to the stack of books I am currently reading. Here it is larger, so you can really read the titles.

What is in your stack? Please leave a comment with the book(s) you are currently reading, so we can get to know one another better. I am always wondering what type of people read this space, so please introduce yourselves via your reading selections!

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Anonymous said...

have a new kid by friday! that sure gave me a chuckle amongst all the serious reading you have there.