Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Priests Need Us!

Last month, a friend sent me this Vatican document titled Adoration, Reparation, Spiritual Motherhood for Priests put out by the Congregatio Pro Clerics in 2007. It is an inspiring document which compiles 16 stories of women, lay and religious, praying and suffering in a special way for priests.

One of the women profiled, Venerable Conchita of Mexico, is a saint I have been getting to know these past few months, an amazing mother, widow, and victim soul. In the book Loving with the Holy Spirit, one of her reflections states, "Like a moth irresistibly attracted to light will I seek sacrifices to offer on behalf of priests." She was devoted to following Jesus' instructions to her to "Bring yourself as an offering for the priests. Unite your offering with my offering, to obtain graces for them."

As mothers, our priests need us! Conchita was told by Jesus of priests (in 1926) that "Satan wants to defeat many of those who belong to Me by tempting them to impurity. Pray for purity, an increase of purity for them, that they may overcome this temptation. There are many hidden sins." Over 80 years later we know all too well the result of a failure of the laity to pray for and support our priests in this way!

So, I challenge you to read this document. It is not long and each profile is only a few pages, allowing you to read it in small snatched moments throughout several days. Then, find some small way to begin special prayers and sacrifices for our current and future priests. Some groups and individuals take Thursdays as the day devoted to prayers for priests. It is through their courage that the Church will be renewed, and to do this, they need spiritual mothers. They need you and me.

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