Friday, December 4, 2015

Celebrating the Jubilee Year of Mercy in My Home

I have been working all week to prepare for next Tuesday, December 8, the beginning of Pope Francis' Jubilee Year of Mercy! While my devotion to Divine Mercy is relatively new, I definitely feel drawn to reflect on God's mercy for us, his pitiful children, and am excited to join my children in reflecting on this theme in the coming year.

Below are my rough notes on what we plan to do each month. This will be our catechesis for the spring semester in our homeschool (currently teaching grades 7, 5, & K). You will notice the second half of the year is not yet planned. That's called margin! I deliberately did not choose themes or activities yet, so I can see how the year goes and complete those plans as we go (just like I only plan one term of homeschool lessons at a time!). Prices are next to items I don't already personally own and need to purchase, although most of the resources are free!  Disclaimer: Amazon links are my affiliate links.

The information below is also available as a Google doc here if you want to print it and scribble all over it yourself. I hope you can find simple ways to make this year special for your family. God's mercy is deeper and more complex than we could ever imagine, and I pray that each one of us grows in understanding and holiness through the Year of Mercy!

Jesus, I Trust in You!


Official Website

Monthly Goals

Mom’s Goals

December – (ADVENT) Learn about Year of Mercy

January – God’s Mercy in Scripture

February – (LENT) – Spiritual Works of Mercy

March – (LENT) – Corporal Works of Mercy

April – Divine Mercy, St. Faustina, & Other Saints of Mercy

May – Mary, Mother of Mercy

June – Confession: the Sacrament of Mercy




Our Lady of Mercy (September 24)


Saint Faustina (October 5)


Other Ideas

Print this packet to use throughout the year

Keep checking this growing list of resources

Use this YouTube playlist for kids about mercy

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Year of Mercy Booklist to Complement Reflection Themes

M = Mary, Mystery, Mission
E = Eucharist, Evangelization, Encounter
R = Reconciliation, Rosary, Renewal
C = Consecration, Community, Conversion
Y = Your Family, Your Parish, Your YES!

Other Books to Consider Purchasing for Me/Big Kids/Moms' Group Study:




Michele Faehnle said...

Saw our book on your "maybe" list - would you be interested in a netgally copy from our publisher for review? It's been very successful and in its second printing already! Looking at your list for this year I think you would enjoy it!

Jenny said...

I did end up purchasing your book but haven't read it yet! Thank you!