Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Already a Word...the Word for 2012!

I can hardly believe it, as lately I have been unable to make decisions or proper plans in advance. In fact, it has been a theme for 2011 for me. It took me all of January to settle on my word for 2011.

Nevertheless, I have chosen a word for 2012, or rather, He chose me.


It hit me during Christmas Mass that this is the Word I need for myself and for my family. He needs to be more present in our minds and our actions, especially mine, and I want to call upon Him name more often and worship His name more fervently.

My youngest, 18 months, can say maybe two dozen words. Jesus is one of his favorites, as he shouts His Name upon seeing a crucifix or nativity scene! I am so excited to see how God can lead me closer to His Son in the new year, especially through my sweet children.

What ideas do you have for making Jesus more present during our daily, busy lives? Thank you for your suggestions!


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Amanda said...

Great word! What about the Jesus prayer? You've probably already thought of that but that's the first that comes to my mind, to pray several times throughout the day for a set amount of time.