Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Attention All Super-Busy Homeschooling Moms!

So much going on over here, little time to blog - caught the bug going around and rearranged the entire house, switching rooms to accommodate moving our lessons downstairs, still living in piles of stuff that needs to be organized! I had to take time to share, though...

I am SO excited that I have been asked to co-lead a new online interactive homeschool mom Bible study --- Moms' Connections! You know how hard it is to get out of the house for a moms' group, prayer group, parish class, or Bible study to feed your soul, right?! Well, this one is designed to meet the needs of super-busy homeschooling moms!

Read more below...sign up now...and please send the link to this blog post to EVERY homeschool mom/group you know! (and if you need more information before joining, attend our free informational webinar on August 13th)


Moms' Connections: Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage by Kimberly Hahn (Proverbs 31: 10-12)

Is it a challenge for you to make it to your local Bible study or prayer group? Attend a mother’s study group in the comfort of your home! Join other homeschooling mothers for an online interactive webinar twice a month as we prayerfully reflect on and discuss a book selection designed to inspire us and challenge us in our vocations. Emily Crawford and Jenny Bales will be co-leading this exciting new group!

This fall’s selection is Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage by Kimberly Hahn. This is the first in her series of Bible studies based on Proverbs 31. This particular book focuses specifically on verses 10-12. Her audio series on Proverbs 31, More Precious Than Jewels: How to Be a Godly Wife and Mother, has been extremely popular among Catholic and all Christian mothers for well over a decade! Our discussions on this book will be united by our common vocation as homeschooling mothers. In our busy days as mothers and teachers of our children, sometimes our husbands can be overlooked or unappreciated. It is our hope that this study group will inspire each of us to place a new priority on our marriage, giving our children one of the most valuable lessons we can, as we witness the beauty of a holy marriage.

Every other Thursday evening, September 3 through November 12, we will gather in prayer to discuss two chapters of the book, which mothers are asked to read before each meeting. The discussion questions at the back of the book will provide structure for our conversations. Mothers are asked to participate both in the online chat and audio components of the technology, so it is requested that each mother have a headset with microphone. A donation of $10.00 to a Scholarship Fund sponsored by Homeschool Connections will ensure committed participation by the mothers throughout the sessions. (This donation will be donated to a scholarship fund that will benefit Catholic homeschool students attending Catholic universities. Due to services rendered this is not tax deductible.)

You can sign up below for the study group now and/or sign up to attend a free informational Meet & Greet Webinar on Thursday, August 13 at 8:30PM ET to learn more about the technology and the group.

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Register for Bible Study for Homeschool Moms

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