Monday, December 26, 2016

Hello again!

Merry Christmas! By now, if you have read my blog for more than a few months, you know that periodically, I stop posting. Eventually, I come back, and I am finally okay with that lack of consistency after years of feeling guilty for not being here during those gaps. Life happens, and this tiny ministry is less a priority than many other things.

These are a few titles of posts I could have written over the past six months or so:

  1. One Federal Employee Changes Payroll Policy and I Cry
  2. Having an Attorney for a Husband Comes in Handy
  3. How to Begin Looking for a House in a Giant Geographic Area
  4. When Life is so Insane You Don't Touch Your Bullet Journal until Thursday, 2 Weeks in a Row
  5. Why People Who Upgrade Older Homes Should Actually Do It Right
  6. Buying a House Without Your Husband (or 12 Steps through the Worst Anxiety of My Life)
  7. The Epitome of Unconditional Support (or Who My Parents Are)
  8. The Perils of Binge Watching Amazon Prime for Stress Relief
  9. Hitting My Head Against a Wall When God Was in Control All Along
  10. Surviving the Holidays by Lowering Expectations

But somehow those do not all seem to go with the focus of my audience here! So, I am planning to polish and publish a few drafts from the summer and then to continue, from time to time, to post about the joys and challenges of being a devoted wife and Catholic homeschooling mother.

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Catholic Mommy Blogs said...

This is so amazing. And, yes, #9 always.... unfortunately.... for me!