Thursday, March 17, 2016

Who Moved My Cheese?

I read this short book (affiliate links) years ago when it came across my radar during the years of our used book business. Aside: yes, we had a home business selling used books online through Amazon for about five years, so it was my "job" to shop book sales and garage sales - heaven! And, "Who Moved My Cheese?" were the first words that popped into my husband's head two days ago when he finally got the phone call that yes, indeed, after years of hoping, praying, and searching for a way to move back to where my parents and brother live, once he gets back from his deployment, he will have a position awaiting him there thanks to a lateral job transfer!

The book is a quick, dare I say cute, parable about two mice and two humans who live in a maze and how they face the change in their lives, mostly written with a work environment in mind, but certainly applicable to personal change. In the end, (spoiler alert!) the characters learn that you cannot ignore or avoid change, you can only alter your attitude regarding the inevitable change in your life.

We half expected Tuesday's call, but it still came as a shock to both of us. My husband claims not to like change. He is definitely a creature of habit! But the fact that we have moved 8 times in our 16 years of marriage, all due to choices we made about his career, kind of makes me doubt that claim just a wee bit! As for me, because I moved 6 times before I got to high school, I kind of like the excitement of moving and starting over. So I have been ready and wanting to move for a while, but I really didn't imagine it would happen during this deployment year. Yikes! Stress!

So today I put Who Moved My Cheese? on hold at our local library, along with the teen version, which I didn't know existed until now! I plan to read one (both?) aloud to my kids and spend some time talking through what's coming. This year will be full of change for us, and I need all the resources I can get to help my family navigate this road. Please continue to pray for us! And check out the book if you need a new perspective on coping with change.


Loraine said...

I did not know there was a teen version. So need this for my kids during this time. Thanks so much!

Jenny said...

I think the teen version is actually much easier to read and more fun for all ages! I hope it helps, and I'll try to remember to share our feedback once my teen, tween, and I are able to discuss it!