Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jesus' Questions: Day 21

I'm trying something new this Lent. My goal is to find a simple way to talk about living our faith with my children on a daily basis, outside of our (more) formal studies of Scripture and Catechism. This series is based on the questions Jesus asks within the Gospel of Matthew. I am brainstorming here some ways to discuss these passages with each of my children and am sharing with you in hopes that you and your children might be blessed by daily faith sharing. If you try this with your children, I would love to hear about your conversations in the comments!
Who is my mother? Who are my brothers? ~ Matthew 12:48
Focus ~ We are all a part of God's family. We are children of God, just like Jesus.

Littles ~ Who is Jesus' mother?

Middles ~ Who are Jesus' brothers?

Bigs ~ Who is our Christian mother and who are our Christian brothers?

Moms ~ Share about how the Body of Christ has been a family to you in your life.

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