Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent Change

Yes, the words of the Mass changed yesterday, and everyone is talking about it. But, did you change?

Did you go to Mass in need and come away fulfilled? Did you allow Christ in the Eucharist to transform your life? Did hearing the words of the Mass elevate you just a little higher towards God? Isn't this what we should pray for every time we encounter Him?

I have been asking myself: What good is it to meet God on Sunday and be the same on Monday as you were on Saturday? And, what good is a morning offering, a noon Angelus, or an evening Rosary if there is no substantial change after each?

The Church's liturgical seasons are opportunities for change. Lent is especially seen as a chance to better ourselves through sacrifice. But, I typically think of Advent as preparing myself to receive Jesus, getting myself ready for Christmas Day, not necessarily doing the hard work of change.

This year, however, I am approaching Advent not as four weeks before Christ's birth, but as today and tomorrow and the next day. I want to embrace the opportunities to encounter God each day and strive to be open to the stirrings in my heart that beg me to more closely imitate Jesus. I pray I will allow Him to transform me a little more each moment I visit Him in prayer and service to others.

Because every encounter with God is an opportunity for change. He is coming. I want to be there to meet Him. Will you join me?


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