Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What a weight upon our shoulders! Mothers have the responsibility to guide our children to Christ, not to mention seek Him ourselves. There are so many decisions we make within a given day that cause us to end up one step closer or one step further away from that ultimate goal. Some choices are big; some are small. All are important.

I have been recently reflecting on how action is key to allowing God to work. For, even when we mess up, we can turn back to Him and start anew. If we delay action indefinitely, however, we are frozen in indecision. Please, Lord, help me be decisive and to think of you in both the big and small choices!

While I feel I am facing some pretty big decisions in the next few months which are weighing heavily on me at this time, for a little fun, these are examples of some of the small decisions I have faced today:

Do I get out of bed or sleep five more minutes?

Do I keep my Lenten fast and walk past the computer without sitting down this morning?

Do I offer the children pancakes for breakfast or just cereal?

Do I help the preschooler brush his teeth or insist he do it himself?

Do I pick up the stray sock or call the child to do it?

Do I take a shower now or wait until lunch and start schoolwork now?

Do I yell from the shower for the children to stop arguing?

Do I start morning prayers or get up and do something I forgot first?

Do I redirect the dawdling child or just take away the math book?

Do I ask the beginning reader to read a whole Bob book or just half today?

Do I accept the scrawled writing on the Catechism lesson or require it be rewritten?

Do I snuggle next to the child who wiggles or ask her to get off the couch?

Do I listen to the whiny request, ignore it, or prompt for a nicer tone?

Do I work on my book notes while they snack or sit with them?

Do I stop reading aloud to answer a dozen questions or keep plugging along?

Do I repeat that it is potty time or get up and take the preschooler to the bathroom?

Do I allow another narration today even though it was not part of the plan?

Do I let the picky eater choose another food or remind him of being grateful?

Do I say yes to getting the playdough out for ten minutes or do I say no?

Do I read a story to both children or just the little one?

Do I go straight to email or take the time for some Scripture reading?

Do I share something personal to encourage others or not?

Do I read the gossip story disguised as news or keep clicking?

Do I read the prayer someone posted or move on?

Do I publish that post about how to resolve differences of opinion or write a different one?

(It gives me some comfort that out of all 25 of these, I think I only messed up on six of them; that's a 76%, not great, but at least passing!)

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