Monday, October 5, 2009

House with an Open Door

I am not a scholar. So, I enjoy learning new tidbits in regards to our faith. Yesterday, our pastor gave a typically wonderful homily in which he gave the literal definition of the original Hebrew word for woman in Genesis.

It made me think. It make me ponder. I have dwelt on it for almost 24 hours, and it means more to me each hour. In fact, it has challenged me in a fabulous way. Here it is for you to consider...

Woman means a house/home with an open door.

Isn't that amazing?! Tell me what you think! (this isn't usually a comment-heavy blog, but I would love to hear what this means to you)


Kelly Bireta said...

To me, a "home with an open door" means welcome! I think a mother's heart has to be open and welcoming to what comes her way. Be it her own children, her husband, our Lord and His calling, her kids' friends, her friends, etc. We were created to be open to life, to welcome life. I think many have forgotten that.

Jennifer said...

Very interesting. It warms my heart. I do wish you had expounded on it a bit more; but the simplicity of your post only prompts me to begin my own research; so that is good.