Monday, August 17, 2009

Prayerfully Planning Days 4-6 = Spontaneity

I have never been good at spontaneity. I prefer to lay out all of my plans in advance and then throw a fit (usually internally) that they do not play out as I had planned! For some reason, though, over the weekend, I decided we would begin "school light" this week, since the children were complaining of boredom approximately every hour. This morning, in the shower, I decided that today is our first day of school! Yes, I now have a pre-K boy and a 2nd grader! They received their Schultütes this morning (planned well in advance but assembled while they did morning chores), a new tradition for sure! Let me back up, though...

Although I have not been posting these last three days, I have been working. On Friday, I tweaked that schedule I posted on Thursday and moved some of the books to the living/learning room that hadn't yet migrated. Saturday, I added a step to my to do list and wrote down every book that I plan to use for each subject area listed on my schedule. That took much longer than I thought, as I had too much and had to make some priorities. Yesterday, I wrote lesson plans for this week, light ones, just to get us going.

What this means is that I now have a very rough sketch of how this year will go. The to do list is almost entirely done, including the added step of the book list. If you recall, I was on number 5 on Day 3.

For liturgical and catechetical, I am all done except for the First Communion notebook contents, but we are not starting her notebook until September (so I have time). I have decided to go month by month on liturgical plans, so August is done. My morning basket items are now set. And, I did accomplish the outlining of the essentials (reading, writing, math) and decided how to finish the Alphabet Path and Little Saints.

All that is left undone are items we are not starting until September: our liturgical plans, First Communion notebook, history, geography, and science. So, now you can see why I decided to dive right in and start school today! The children were actually quite excited with the surprise, so I was pleased.

Well, recess time is almost over, so I need to get back to it!

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