Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holy Week Internet Fast

Happy Easter!!! I am finally fully back online, this blog being my last step.

The first few days of my Holy Week Internet fast were hard, but it was even harder to come back online! What a beautiful gift the Lord gave me by giving me that quiet and peace. Therefore, I have only gradually come back online, taking Monday to clean out the 200+ emails in my inbox, taking Tuesday to get up to date on my homeschooling library book requests and lesson research, and taking Wednesday to...well, stall by going back to Facebook, answering surveys sent to me, etc... LOL!

My week offline was incredible! I found myself accomplishing more housework, keeping my mind on God more often, and even playing with my children a bit more. The most interesting result was joy. Cheerfulness is something that does not come naturally to me, but because there was no email waiting or search pending that I was mentally anticipating, I enjoyed the moment much more. I found myself laughing more, taking my time with tasks, and focusing on what was before me. Unexpectedly, we were stuck at home the entire Triduum, and it was also peaceful and joyful.

So, I'm indulging online this week, catching up with the online programs I watch and blogs I frequent, just like I am devouring chocolate morning, noon, and night! But I am also observing myself and reflecting on how I can "go offline" for certain key periods during the day. I have tried this before, however, and it is quite a struggle for me. I am praying the Lord will show me a balanced approach to the Internet, so that I do not constantly feel pulled away from my daily duties (even as I resist the urge to see if I have mail!).

Today, though, I want to get back to blogging to share with you my small successes for Thursday and a reflection for this Sunday's Gospel. Perhaps you can think about your time online and, more importantly, the mental energy you give up to thinking about being online even when you are not. I pray your Holy Week was reflective and blessed and that your Easter Season continues to be amazing!

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