Friday, February 19, 2016

Lord, Have Mercy on Me, a Sinner

"The great mercy of God will now descend upon us for 40 days so that we can become that great mercy to others." Fr. David Konderla, St. Mary's Catholic Center, Texas A&M University

This quote has been haunting me. This Jubilee Year of Mercy is a call to learn more about mercy and to show mercy to others. Yet, how can we give what we do not have?

And as mothers, how hard it can be to accept mercy for ourselves, much less give it to our husbands and children! So much depends on us. We are told, "The attitude I adopt every day has the potential to affect the whole demeanor of my home." ( Then there is the food, the clothing, the instruction that is mostly left up to mom. We have more opportunities than most to feed the hungry (like feeding a tween boy every hour of the waking day) and clothe the naked (like wrestling a screaming toddler), but we don't often see these things as acts of mercy. They're just our job!

I propose that we can't acknowledge these opportunities for mercy, because we don't understand mercy. And to understand mercy, we need to accept it and let it into our souls, allow it to seep into our hearts and penetrate our attitude. Only an attitude of mercy will open our eyes to the actuality of mercy that surrounds us. We have to let God love us with His mercy, so we can shower mercy upon others!

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What other acts of mercy do moms do on a daily basis that we often don't identify as works of mercy?

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