Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Midyear Reflection - Day 10

Several of us are taking a brief journey here in January to prayerfully reflect on our homeschooling thus far this academic year in hopes of tweaking and improving the rest of the school year. Each weekday I am posting a few questions from this survey for us each to take to prayer and into our hearts throughout that day. By the end of January, we should all have successfully evaluated the State of Our Homeschools and begin implementing whatever changes we are inspired to make.

I encourage you to make comments below about the answers you feel comfortable sharing with others, so we can lift each other up as the Body of Christ and be vessels of inspiration via the Holy Spirit.

Today's two questions come from the section on Goal-Setting. That must mean we are almost finished! Yes, this is our last week of reflection, so be sure to go back to your answers from sections 1-3 to reflect on the following questions.

13. In the coming months, how can I use my greatest virtue to my advantage as a wife/mother/teacher?

14. In the coming months, how can I work towards overcoming my greatest fault?

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