Friday, December 18, 2009

Wrapping Up

I am wrapping up my Christmas preparations by Sunday. I had planned this all along, to be done with the shopping and the wrapping and the cards, but a friend inspired me the other day. She told me her family has decided that next week will be a week of silence and peace in their home, no TV, minimal outside activities, just quiet and meditation. I am longing to try it, too.

Further inspiration has come from two other dear friends. Last Sunday, we attended a Tridentine Low Mass while visiting friends out of town. While the Mass was difficult for me to follow, since I had only been to a High Mass in that form, what struck me was the silence. Our Novus Ordo Mass is so packed with noise, and it was incredibly spiritual to commune with God in that quiet. Plus, yesterday morning, my very best friend emailed me an article on silence that was confirmation I needed to write this post and make this commitment.

My Advent started out with great intentions. I have mostly kept my focus on the religious nature of the holiday and not spent much time worrying about gifts and such. I have been flexible with planning, being sensitive to my family's needs. In my heart, I feel I kept things simple, but I know I did not allow myself to go deeply into the mystery of Advent. I want that. I feel like I have lost precious time.

But, now, I have new motivation. Next week, we will still bake a batch of cookies each day (mostly because I see cooking with my children as a sacrifice for me, a gift to them). My husband and I will still snuggle on the couch for one or two favorite shows. I will still spend each afternoon cleaning the house, but I will be doing it with a prayerful attitude. My pledge is to reduce excess noise.

These are my hopes. Christmas is coming. Christ is coming. I need to open this mother's heart to His joy, His peace, and His mercy. As Mother Teresa said, "In the silence of the heart, God speaks." Will you join me?

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Erika said...

I love this! It's what my Christmas was like this past year, not because of my conscious effort but because of economical reasons...maybe there is a reason for everything ;) This is a great reflection...the Low Mass is my favorite, by the way, because it is so beautiful, it reminds me of when snow is falling and the ground is covered with a white blanket, all sounds muffled, so beautiful....thanks for sharing this! :)