Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prayerfully Planning Day 2 ~ Binders!

I chose this image to put on the front of my planbook. It is a painting by Rebecca Pearl of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton titled "All of This and Heaven Too!" St. Elizabeth is attributed to making this quote shortly after her conversion, acknowledging the true generosity of God. Since I have always referred to our homeschool informally as St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School, I thought this was appropriate, especially since this beautiful painting depicts the gentle art of learning, as is my educational philosophy.

The toughest part of assembling my planbook was pulling together all of the parts. I did not want the binder to only include our lesson plans, but I wanted it to have a few booklists and articles to which I often refer. Organizing paper is not easy for me, so I am sure I will continue to find things to add as I plan and go through the year.

So, this involved creating a planbook and re-examining my personal binder. I also used to have a Control Journal, which I named a Surrender Journal to remind me to give back my daily work to God, that was based on FlyLady's material, so I updated that and am still debating if I really need three binders to run my life. :)

While organizing paper, I had to create my monthly liturgical file folders to file away a few coloring pages and such. For now, I just have one folder for each month of the year, because I discovered that my Surrender Journal has a page for each month, which lists all important family celebrations. I am not yet sure where I will put secular holiday material.

Fortunately, my planner arrived today from Family-Centered Press! I finally ordered one last week after putting it off for too long. Now, I have another tool to help me get (and stay) organized and remind me every day why I do what I do!

That's the notebook project - mostly done! Next is to draft my lesson schedule, but I think that might have to wait until tomorrow. Organizing this mess of paper took longer than I expected!

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