Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My brain runs faster than my life.

Anyone else have that problem? I have a million great ideas, great intentions, great plans, but I have a very difficult time accomplishing them, much less (these days) writing them down (which usually, at least, keeps my sanity intact). I have come to the conclusion that this is a mental block that I have created for myself - so much to write and plan and do that I am like a deer in headlights, frozen with indecision (maybe some fear, but I won't psychoanalyze myself here, for your benefit).

Now that I have admitted I have a problem, the hard part is over, right?! Thanks to my beloved husband's wise words and a conversation with a dear friend last night, it's time to get down to business. Instead of lamenting and worrying that I'm not ready for the school year to start (and that I never thought it would end, originally hoping to do much more school in the summer than we did) and that I am not staying true to other commitments, like this blog, you are going to have the benefit of watching my brain work (scary, eh?).

I think I will get to work today by posting these plans, all in the same attitude that I presented my Prayerfully Planning for Next Year webinar. To my dismay, I have not actually done what I recommended all of you do. Well, I did do some of it, actually. I have books and ideas, just no precise plans with what to do with them!

So, I will begin in prayer, as my children joyfully play together some game involving red balloons from yesterday (which have lost their helium) as small dogs for whom they are caring. There are seven or eight of these "dogs," and last I heard, they were all named Clifford. :)

Lord, please help me! Actually, please let me get my ego and worry out of the way, so I can receive the help you offer all of the time. Give me the graces to care for myself and my family, especially these next several days, so that I will be able to prayerfully plan our learning adventures for the year. Bless my children, as I work. Allow me to accept all of the inevitable interruptions with peace. And, let your will be done. May all of my work and planning glorify you and enable my family to grow closer to you each day. St. Clare, pray for me to be humble and happy, as you were, knowing that in the isolation of my domestic church, as in your convent, the Lord is ever near.

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