Sunday, August 23, 2009

CD Review: L'Angelus ~ Sacred Hymns

I truly enjoyed this beautiful music from L'Angelus! Their mix of instrumentation with vocals and acoustic sound is simply breathtaking. To be completely honest, guitar is one of my least favorite instruments, especially for sacred music, so there were a couple of songs which I will regularly skip. Nevertheless, the remaining tracks are so masterfully done, I will listen to them again and again, and even a few with guitar are so excellent, they won my approval.

I did enjoy the diversity in the music, as well, from Spanish to Irish to Latin to a hint of country, it is all done well! You will enjoy guitar, bass, piano, fiddle, cello, accordion, violin, organ, french horn, keyboard, mandolin, whistle and vocal talent that is beyond compare..all from one family!

Here are some brief notes on a few of my favorite tracks:

  • Ave Maria ~ This one is beautiful and light, full of joy!

  • T'irai la Voir Un Jour ~ With precise instrumentation and angelic voice, I felt as if I was sitting in a French cafe amid flowers and a sunny breeze.

  • Salve Regina ~ The vocals for this hymn give new definition to angelic, and its lack of instrumentation is truly brilliant.

  • Muerto Para El Mundo ~ While my Spanish is in need of work, this song was so sincere that I did not have to work to understand the love put into its production.

  • Holy God We Praise Thy Name ~ Nothing could be more traditional and sacred than traditional organ hymns; this one is nearly perfect.

This talented family truly has it all. The music is well-played and does not sound amateur at all. The girls' voices are absolutely heavenly, and they are what really made this CD worth it. To listen to such familiar and traditional hymns sung with such sincerity is uplifting and calls me to a presence of mind, which other Christian music fails to inspire. The entire family will enjoy this gem!

You can purchase this CD here.

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