Thursday, June 4, 2009

Voracious Young Readers - Help?!

My ongoing dilemma is keeping up with my precious daughter's reading. Therese reads faster than I can find books for her to read, having read almost all of the American Girl books (I won't let her read the 1970s set) and almost all of the Little House books (she is on Long Winter now) before the end of first grade. According to the booklists, she reads at a sixth grade level, and while she reads very fast, she truly does understand and remember what is happening.

The problem is finding appropriate books for a six-year-old that are advanced enough for her reading level. Soon, I will post a list of her favorite books this year, but I want to ask my readers for help. If you have an advanced young reader, how do you make decisions on what he/she is allowed to read without reading everything in advance? I simply do not have the time to keep up with her, but I have seen some pretty pathetic books out there for elementary school children.

So, please hit the comment box with your suggestions of book lists, websites, or other resources that help you make such decisions! I can't wait to read your advice. I will try to compile it all for a future post, as well, so your comments may be republished (without your name, of course).



Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship said...

Boxcar Children?

Christine M said...

There are many wonderful bloggers in the kidlitosphere and their main hub is It should be a great resource.

My daughter (now 12) and son (now 9) are both advanced readers - so I've been through the same thing. What they can read, perhaps they shouldn't read.

When my daughter gets home from school today I'll ask her for some suggestions for your daughter. Books that I know she loved at about that age included The Fairy Realm Series (she was very into fairies), The Meanest Doll in the World and its sequels.

Magic Tree House books are also good and fun.

Good luck finding books for your daughter - and how wonderful that she loves to read!

Anonymous said...

This is a challenge!

For fiction I get recommendations from my sil's and older nieces/nephews for my 7yo precocious reader son, as well as from a woman at my church who owns a children's book store in town. Additionally, we've found non-fiction stuff on topics that catch his interest to be much easier to "screen" because most of the content is factual. Our son has spent a great deal of this year reading most of the space and dinosaur collections from the kid's section of our library and some from the adult section also.
We also like the folk tales section (397 is the call number) and although many of these are short and not all of them appropriate at least there's less total fluff and garbage.

Some fiction chapter books we've read in the past year:
In the detective genre
-Boxcar Children series--they're not high literature, but the content is ok and my son still hasn't tired of them. The actual first book is great.
-Jigsaw Jones series--same deal
-Cam Jansen series--definitely below your daughter's reading ability but our son still enjoys checking these out every once in a while
-Encyclopedia Brown

-Paddington Bear (can't remember the author)--there are a few in this series, very nice books
-Ramona etc by Beverly Cleary
-Mary Poppins
-Dr. Doolittle
-The Littles series--this was actually a couple years ago, but well-loved
-The Borrowers--in the same vein as the Littles
-Amelia Bedelia--again, below her reading level, but our son still thinks these are so funny
-My Father's Dragon series
-He still adores the Winnie-the-Pooh books, reads and re-reads them even though he nearly has them memorized
-Charlotte's Web