Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If you use bad language...then you clean the toilet!

On Sunday, at a Day of Reflection for homeschooling mothers where we shared tips and encouragement with one another, during a discussion on discipline, one mother shared her use of these charts made by Doorposts. Her example of the If-Then Chart was that if her children use bad language, they must clean a toilet, since that kind of language belongs in the toilet!

The whole idea is to give children additional work beyond their regular chores when they make poor choices. Several mothers concurred that physical activity as a consequence is very effective (i.e. having fighting siblings run around the house ten times to work out their energy and then clean out the garbage can with a hose together).

I am so excited about the idea of ordering some of these charts (even though I have not done it yet) that I thought I would share them with you! This is the description of the If-Then Chart from the website:

This chart is designed to help you be more consistent in disciplining your children. When they disobey, it will help you know what you need to do, and it will help them know what to expect. It has helped my husband and me to be more united in our authority and discipline. Our children have responded very well. The chart is divided into 3 columns. The left-hand column lists common areas of misbehavior, each illustrated with a simple cartoon.

The center column gives a Bible verse related to each sin. The third column is blank, for you to write in the agreed-upon consequences for each misbehavior. The instructions offer suggestions, but you choose your own disciplinary actions.

Our regular wall chart version includes pre-lettered consequences to paste onto your chart, and the small laminated version gives suggestions for writing in your own consequences with a permanent or wipe-off marker.

When a child misbehaves we take him to the chart, read the Scripture, and let him see what the discipline will be. Even our 2-year-old could understand this chart!

The chart helps you deal with the following issues:
Teasing/picking fights/causing trouble
Stealing toys, books, or other items from someone else
Defiance/rebellion against authority
Name calling/foolish or evil speech
Disrespect/rude behavior/poor manners
Irreverent behavior at church

We suggest recognizing your children's godly behavior with the companion chart,
The Blessing Chart. Scripture quotations are primarily from the King James version.

My friend said she uses both the If-Then Chart and the Blessing Chart, and there are a few other charts Doorposts sells, as well. Check them all out!

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