Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun! - It's Signing Time!!!

Last week when we went to the library, I was browsing the educational DVDs. Our branch is newly built, so they are adding new materials all of the time! The children's librarian was working nearby and told me about Signing Time.

She said her two children, preschool and elementary, love the videos and that they have learned to sign to one another as a kind of secret language. :) So, I checked a few episodes out (there are 26 in all), and my two children watched one today. They did not want to watch it until I told them about the idea of a secret language.

What fun! The approximately 30 signs per episode are all taught with the help of two children, one hearing and one deaf, and a mom and reinforced with songs that repeat the signs over and over! They both learned several signs and were using them just before dinner (the episode was Let's Eat).

They also have Baby Signing Time, which is four episodes and for ages 3-36 months. It is designed for moms to watch with babies. But the original series is designed for ages 1-8, and is wonderful! I highly recommend trying it out. I have never seen something done so well teaching signs to children.

Here is the website - Our library has all of the first series (13 volumes). Check your library. Enjoy!

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Kitchen Stewardship said...

I love this show too! They used to play the episodes on PBS but don't anymore. We have them all taped off TV. I need to watch them again to re-learn signs to teach Leah (9 mos.). Glad you discovered them! Wait until you get "Beautiful Day" stuck in your head. (from the Seasons or Playtime episode?)